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Hahne Estates Winery is nestled in the small town of Johnson City, just 16 miles east of the even smaller town of Stonewall, Texas. Stepping into the tasting room is like stepping into a time capsule. There is a sense of tranquility in the air, and you begin to realize there is a rich history in each bottle of wine produced by Hahne Estates. As you approach the tasting bar, you will notice a peculiar wall to the right. At first glance it appears to be nothing more than a wall of old family photographs; and at its core, that is exactly what it is. A wall filled with old family photographs. Most would not think much of the wall; it’s simply an interesting accent to the décor.

After owner, Gary Hahne, pours the first glass of wine, he turns his back to select a few items out of a cabinet. He returns to the guests to show off an old photo album, some newspaper clippings, and a scarf. As the first taste of Hahne Estates Wine touches your lips, he begins to tell you his family history. Gary grew up in Stonewall, Texas on the property adjacent to the LBJ Ranch. His family had an extremely close relationship with the Johnson Family and with Lyndon B. Johnson himself. During the LBJ Presidency, the Hahne family attended and catered all of the LBJ events. Gary’s father, Kermitt, was the hub of all that took place in Stonewall. He had a strong desire to make visitors (primarily Air Force One pilots, secret service agents, and staff members) feel at home. Many returned to Stonewall to retire following the LBJ Presidency. After the death of LBJ and Kermitt Hahne, Lady Bird Johnson invited Gary’s mother to live at the LBJ Ranch.

The above mentioned scarf once belonged to Lady Bird and was a gift to Gary’s mother from the Johnson Family. The wall of photos is more than just décor. It is a tribute to Lyndon B. Johnson and the relationship between the Johnson and the Hahne Families. Each photograph represents a particular time in the LBJ Presidency and the Hahne Family can be found in each one.

Come to the Hahne Estates Winery, enjoy a glass of Opa (a rose wine named for Gary Hahne’s grandfather), and listen to the many tales of a wise man that has lived a life of adventure. You might come for the wine, but you will stay for the history.

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